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With the technological boom, emails, social media communications, chat messages and texting have become the most commonly used method of communication of lately. Telephone conversations are now long lost in sweet memories. But the fact some may fail to realize is that telephone conversations are only one medium of communication in which the participants converse on a personal level. No other medium gives you that personal touch and warmth of hearing one’s voice. Believe it or not, it is still regarded as one of the important modes of communication for business purposes. The web page helps you to a great extend in finding the numbers of businesses and establish a connection with them. The popular website also recommends using telephone conversations to establish a secure connection with counterparts.

Here are some points that highlight the importance of telephone conversations for building the business even in this technologically advanced era.

A Personal Touch And Quick Response
With telephone conversations the response is fast. If the concerned person is available, you can talk to the person and get his/her response then itself. You could discuss matters, clear doubts and convince the other person more efficiently on a personal level than using e-mails. If you are using e-mail or text messages to converse on the same topic, you can only send the mail and hope for a quick response. Sometimes the response may take much longer time. If you need to discuss matters and clear doubts, again that means sending multiple emails to and fro altogether taking days to settle an issue. But the same issue is resolved within minutes through the telephone. Also, the warmth and pleasant sound of one may influence the other person to say yes soon. But that warmth of personal touch is not available in e-mails. It makes things a bit monotonous.

Highly Effective Communication
A telephone conversation may deem to be more efficient than other technologically advanced counterparts. You could actually hear the other person’s voice, understand his/her way of approach through the warmth of sound, pleasant demure, maintaining calm, not getting heated up when you both have a different opinion, etc. Hence people tend to trust more on a person whom they have personally talked to than a person whom they have only spoken to in a virtual world.

Interactive Communication
Telephone calls are more interactive in nature. You could ask questions or doubts and clear it then and there itself. No other virtual media gives that quick and easy mode of interaction. You could even hold conference calls with many people working on the same project and use video presentations over the internet to converse about a project, do slide presentations, etc. This saves a lot of time and effort of actually travelling to a designated spot and conducting boardroom meetings.

Confidentiality Maintained
Certain matters need to be dealt on a more personal and confidential level itself. Matters like disciplinary actions, confidential issues of the company, listening to grievances, sensitive matters, offering condolences, etc. are better off to talk on a personal level through the phone. Even the person on the other side would appreciate that you took time from your busy schedule to call him/her personally. There is also no chance of misinterpretation of sensitive matters as the phone provides two-way communication. E-mails can never be confidential. It can be forwarded to as many people as they like. But telephone calls always remains confidential.


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