Five Unconventional Uses For The Humble Skip Bins

Posted on October 29, 2017 By

skip bin

Skip bins are one of the best ways to get rid of a large amount of trash in a jiffy. Everyone knows that skip hire perth is as easy as ordering a pizza – all you need to do is fill it with your trash and wave to the sanitation workers as they tow it away. According to, skip bins are no longer exclusively made for trash. In the true way of repurposing and upcycling, many people have begun making the humble skip bins into rather artistic and sometimes elaborate masterpieces in a couple of interesting ways.

One of the fascinating ways to use your skip bin, other than to dump garbage in it, is to make it into an entertainment area. With the industrial look considered in fashionable now, the skip bin makes a great outdoor platform for hosting a steampunk inspired tea party. Make sure you clean your bin thoroughly before turning it into an outdoor eating spot. Try essential oils to really get it smelling fabulous, deck it out with some comfortable furniture and enjoy your new clubhouse.

Another entertaining idea with the skip bin is turning it into a pool. This idea is great for throwing a summer pool party. If you don’t have a swimming pool, skip bins make a great solution. They are treated to be rust resistant and are waterproof to boot. Just park your skip bin in a convenient location, throw in a hose, fill it with water and you have yourself a beautiful above-ground swimming pool. To keep things safe, line the inside and sides of the skip bin with anti-slip mats and place a sturdy step ladder near it for climbing in safely.

Skip bins are not only great for holding water but also for sand too. If you have a shallower type of skip bin, why not create your container garden. Every year, hundreds of new varieties of plants are being released exclusively for container gardening. These plants have smaller root systems and produce an abundance of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. In fact, you could plant an entire English garden in a skip bin. Make sure you use a bedding of pebbles topped with well-draining soil so that the roots won’t become too soggy.

Another very retro take on the skip bin is turning it into a skateboard ramp. Skip bins naturally have a downward slope that makes an excellent practice ramp for skateboarders. Make sure you wear a helmet and are padded at the elbows and knees to prevent skinning yourself if you fall.

Finally, create the perfect hideaway with a skip bin. You can turn it into a small writer’s cabin at the foot of your garden to get in some serious thinking time or turn it into an artists’ studio. If you like camping outside, create a tent-like atmosphere by draping colored cloths over the opening and lighting from within using small led lights. You can even make it into a meditation room or a shed. The options are endless so set your imagination free with a skip bin sanctuary.


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