How To Choose Safety Cabinets For Flammable Liquids?

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Safety Cabinets

Industries and households storing a considerable amount of flammable liquids for various purposes are at a high risk of getting involved in a fire accident. Considering the importance and safety of the lives and property which is at risk, there are some strict regulations issued to be adhered to by anyone dealing with these hazardous liquids in quantities above the permissible levels. Use of proper gear while handling them and most importantly ensuring that the storage place for it is safe and out of the reach of any unauthorized person is essential. flammable cabinet are uniquely designed for housing these combustible liquids. These fire resistant safety cabinets are made up of a strong steel body with a powder coating done to avoid corrosion. To understand the regulations issued by local authorities regarding storage and management of flammable and perilous fluids, please visit

In order to realize the level of threat we are exposed to, let us understand the properties of flammable liquids and storage safety cabinets. Flammable liquids are classified based on the phenomena of flash point (minimum temperature at which it can ignite the fire) and boiling point (highest point) of these fluids. Category one includes liquids like ethyl ether which has a flash point of 73.4 F and boiling point above of 95 F. Category two falls in the temperature slot of 73.4 F to 95 F. Category three which lies between 73.4/100 F and below 140 F. Last category four comes under the temperature slot of 140 F and 199.4 F.

There are two options for handling combustible liquids:
Flammable safety cabinets which are designed to withhold the temperate up to 325 F without catching fire and should be labeled in bold as flammable- keep the fire away. They are made of 18 gauge thick iron sheet, doors having three latch mechanism, and the walls should have one and a half inch airspace to enhance its strength. These also come in wooden make and options like manual or self-closing doors is also available. For making it more visible, cabinets designed for storing various hazardous liquids have been given a unique color code. Like Red for paints, inks, etc. for corrosive fluids blue. Pesticides and insecticides are stored in green color cabinets, and the most widely used option is the yellow color cabinet which stores any flammable liquid. The permissible quantities of fluids to be stored have been defined category wise.

As a mandatory requirement, the designing, usage, and placement of these cabinets should comply with federal regulations of NFPA (national fire protection association) and OSHA.

Flammable safety cans are a smaller option which can store not more than 5 gallons of liquid. The designing of these cans include Lid with spring mechanism and fitted with spout cover which relieves the pressure inside the can if it is exposed to a fire. The manufacturing and usage of these can need to be primarily approved by specially authorized laboratories like Underwriter Laboratory (UL) or Factory Mutual (FM).

Handling and transfer of these cans and cabinets should be undertaken by following specially defined procedures and an adequate distance need to maintain especially from anything which can prompt fire.


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