Know More About The Drug Risperdal, Its Harmful Side Effects And Risperdal Lawsuits

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Risperdal Lawsuits

The detrimental side effects of the antipsychotic drug Risperdal causes gynecomastia. It is seen to mainly affect young kids and adults. More and more cases related to Risperdal are being filed in the courts and sometimes it takes time for the risperdal lawsuit settlement amount. In such cases you can apply for obtaining a cash advance on the lawsuit that remains pending. It will help you to carry forward till the case is settled. The law educative website mentions the procedures to be followed for the application of cash advance request.

What Is Risperdal And How It Deems To Be Detrimental
Risperdal was an antipsychotic medicine licensed by the FDA in the year 1993 as an effective drug to treat patients suffering from schizophrenia. It is produced and marketed by the company Janssen Pharmaceutical. It is also the sister company of the pharmaceutical giant and highest seller of baby products, Jhonson & Jhonson. Risperdal was regarded as a cash cow for the Jhonson & Jhonson as it brought in billions of profits in the form of US dollars. Then they got greedy and started promoting Risperdal for off-label uses in small kids, in order to increase their profit margins even more. The FDA had never approved this drug to be used on children. This resulted in serious side effects on kids and lawsuits being filed against them. The state and federal regulators filed the case against Jansen and they won. Jhonson & Jhonson had to withdraw the drug and pay a whooping 2.2 billion dollars as fine.

But still, the damage was done. The drug was only removed off market in 2014 and by the time many kids had used this drug and had started to experience very harmful and embracing side effects of the drug.

Most Harmful Side Effect- Gynecomastia!
Among the many harmful side effects of Risperdal, Gynecomastia was one of the side effects that affected little boys and also young men. It resulted in an embarrassing side effect that led to growth of breast tissues in men. This caused a lot of psychological and emotional damage to these men as they were often ridiculed and made fun of by the public. They had to eventually undergo surgeries to reduce the enlargement of breasts. This surgery, called as Mastectomy also had its own share of risk factors.

Other Side Effects Of Risperdal
Besides the most common side effect, Gynecomastia, Risperdal also caused other detrimental side effects. These are:
Loss of movement control (extrapyramidal symptoms) and other movement issues like an tardive dyskinesia which resulted in repetitive or random movements.
The people who suffer from schizophrenia are already prone to diabetes 2 risk. But usage of this drug further aggravated the situation and made them more prone to diabetes.
Irregular heartbeats and cardiac issues that may even lead to cardiac arrest and death of the patient.

Risperdal Lawsuit
Owing to all the above mentioned side effects, a person affected by Risperdal could file for a lawsuit and demand compensation for the damage caused. To be qualified to file the case you should have been prescribed and must have consumed Risperdal during a time period within the last 15 years. You must also be diagnosed with the medical condition Gynecomastia and should have appointed a lawyer to file the case.


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