Repair And Maintenance of Asphalt and Concrete Driveways

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Asphalt or concrete are used for driveways, parking lots, roads, etc. Asphalt is an excellent solution as it is easy to maintain. It is nothing but a combination of gravel, sand, and rock. Regular maintenance of the asphalt driveway or road is essential so that you can preserve its value. Asphalt is a useful material which is used for various purposes. Concrete is quite expensive for driveways and roads. Companies like North Shore Paving offers asphalt contractors for various projects around the world. Asphalt contractors are experts in the maintenance of asphalt driveways. The link importance of choosing the best Asphalt and concrete contractors. You can compare their pros and cons before choosing the right type of material for your path. The article below compares the maintenance of asphalt and concrete driveways.

Installation Cost
Making use of concrete for driveways is costly. It is nearly 45 percent more the cost of installing asphalt driveways. Thus people prefer asphalt for driveways and parking lots compared to the concrete material. But it is essential to consider the quality of both materials, as low-quality products would demand frequent repairs for your driveways.

Climate Compatibility
Concrete driveways can resist high temperature, and it is best suited for places which experience extreme hot climate. See that you provide a proper basement for the concrete driveway so that it can withstand cold temperature. This is because concrete driveways can be damaged easily with frost. Asphalt driveways are ideal for cold climates as extreme heat makes the asphalt roads soft. This leads to the development of cracks and grooves in the driveway.

Lifetime And Durability
Concrete driveways are durable and last for several years. It demands less maintenance than asphalt driveways, and it may last for nearly 50 years with minimal maintenance. Thus concrete roads are laid on highways so that there is no need for regular maintenance. Asphalt driveways or roads last long but with proper maintenance and repair. Improper maintenance results in the damage to the asphalt driveways. Properly maintained asphalt driveway might last for nearly 30 years.

Maintenance And Repair
Asphalt driveways demand regular maintenance. This is because of the petroleum-based product in the asphalt mixture. This makes the driveways or roads behave like elastic. Elasticity removes the moisture, and the oils present in it get oxidized. This makes the structure brittle, and you can notice a steady change in color of asphalt structure. This can be avoided by sealing the asphalt pavements one in four years. Concrete pavements do not demand expensive repair, and it can occasionally be maintained. The maintenance cost of concrete pavements is less compared to that of asphalt maintenance.

Concrete pavements, roads, parking lots, etc. look good. There are also a variety of choices of concrete pavements like stamped and stained driveways. Asphalt driveways look normal, but the oil stains are unnoticed. Concrete driveways are lighter which makes the oils stains more visible.

If you give importance for durability and less maintenance cost, then you can very well make use of concrete pavements. Asphalt driveways can be chosen when you work on a limited budget.
The above article helps to know about the pros and cons of making use of concrete and asphalt pavements.

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