Why Wooden Pallets? Read On To Find Out!

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DIYers around the world are flocking to wholesale markets and fruit merchants. Their reason for this is to find wooden pallets. Pallets are shallow, closed wooden crates that are used to transport goods. They help shipped goods stay on the prongs of a forklift when they are being moved and once their job is done, they are often disposed in the garbage. Pallet furniture, pallet garden accessories and a whole other world of home décor can be made from pallet wood.

According to www.home-ideas.in, the humble pallet has become the latest target of the upcycling frenzy.

Not only is it relatively cheaper than buying shiplap or any other pre-cut wood, they can even be free. Even if you are buying pallets, they are extremely cost efficient for the amount you are getting. Sellers will often lower the price if you are willing to buy more just to be rid of them and forgo the hassle of disposing of them according to regulations. If you are living near the docks or marketplace, you can ask the vendors for their used pallets. They will usually be more than happy to give them to you for a small remuneration.

Pallets are also great for making upcycled furniture. Wooden pallets are great for creating tables, beds chairs and storage boxes. For some DIYs you will need to physically reconstruct the pallet so that you can make your furniture; for others, it is simply a matter of stacking, gluing or nailing the pallets together. Pallets are designed to withstand huge amounts of weight. This makes them the perfect candidate for making furniture. If you don’t like the rustic look, try sanding them down and coating with finishing oil for a more refined woodsy tone or simply paint over them to conceal the grains.

Because they are use around and may be exposed to the damp, most pallets come pretreated for termites, wood rot and other burrowing insects. There are different types of treated pallets so make sure that you buy the one that is right for your needs. A rule of thumb is to look for heat-treated pallets rather than chemical treated ones just to be safe. Pallets can also be used to add some crowning or accents to your walls or furniture. Simply cut to size, stick and paint over it to match the surface. DIYs like this can really bring a room together without breaking the bank.

Wooden pallets are also extremely easy to repair. Driving in a couple of nails or using industrial glue to hold pieces together is all it requires because of its light weight. If you’re not the do-it-yourself type or don’t have time to make furniture from scratch, there a dozens of places on the internet that are happy to sell pre-made pallet furniture or create custom pallet furniture for you. How you use your wooden pallets is only limited by your imagination. If you are handy with tools, then the world of pallets is your oyster.

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